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 I feel like many of my entries are going to start out with "Man, I don't understand people," but I suppose that's to be expected in a place I've designated my place to rant, but here it goes anyway...

In my last entry, I mentioned applying to volunteer at an archive. It's a part of the Atlanta History Center, so while I've been waiting to hear back on that, I've been going in to help with mailings. Last week, I went in to help with the mailings for the Swan Ball which is their biggest fundraiser. Today, I went in and ended up sending out people's membership cards.

The person in charge gave me a stack of letters that needed to be folded and stuffed with some additional information and passes. Then, she said that she was going to print some more, but the way she said it conveyed to me that she thought I wouldn't need the additional letters in the two hours I was scheduled to volunteer.

It took me about an hour to finish the stack, so I went back to her and said I was done, but she hadn't printed any more in the meantime, so she said I was free to go.

Meanwhile, I had been chatting with a friend on my phone and mentioned that I was done the stack. He asked if I was going to just "lay low" now that I was finished and when I said I was going to ask for more, he said I was "likely the most productive person there lol."

That bothered me's not like I was getting paid. There was no incentive for me to lie about how long it took me to do the mailings.
Once I'm done volunteering, I got the rest of the day back. It just made me feel his main goal would be to be lazy and still get credit for doing a good job.


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